Price RUNE


Market Cap


24h Volume


Total Value Locked

Normal: No delays expected
Busy: Expect delayed transactions
Congested: Expect severely delayed transactions.

Thorchain Queue Status

RUNE price

Activity levels

Total Volume: $0
Total Depth: $0
Total Earnings: $0
Total # of swaps: 0
Daily Users: 0
# of liquidity providers: 0
Liquidity added: $0
Liquidity withdrawn: $0

Deterministic RUNE
The deterministic price of RUNE is the minimum expected value of RUNE, given the current total value locked on Thorchain. A speculative multiplier is expected.

Speculative Multiplier
Deterministic Price

Network Earnings per Day
An overview of the reward the network pays out to the liquidity pools and nodes. Bond Reward/Node: The amount an average Thornode earns per month.

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