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Market Cap


24h Volume


Total Value Locked

Normal: No delays expected
Busy: Expect delayed transactions
Congested: Expect severely delayed transactions.

Thorchain Queue Status

RUNE price

Activity levels

Total Volume: $0
Total Depth: $0
Total Earnings: $0
Total # of swaps: 0
Daily Users: 0
# of liquidity providers: 0
Liquidity added: $0
Liquidity withdrawn: $0

Deterministic RUNE
The deterministic price of RUNE is the minimum expected value of RUNE, given the current total value locked on Thorchain. A speculative multiplier is expected.

Speculative Multiplier
Deterministic Price




By Pool

Network Earnings per Day
An overview of the reward the network pays out to the liquidity pools and nodes. Bond Reward/Node: The amount an average Thornode earns per month.